Taipei, Korea – September 7th , 2023 –KX INTEK, a leading Set Top Box manufacturer with its strong focus on DVB Pay TV and IP-based solutions, and ALi corporation announced RB Cloud Smart STB on top of its legacy HD STB platform at IBC 2023.


KX Intek legacy HD STB based on ALi HD chipset family enables users to quickly access to OTT, VOD, games, apps, online shopping, TV Commerce and many more entertainment services through RB Cloud TV platform, provided by SK Planet, a subsidiary of SK group in South Korea.


The emergence of powerful OTT services in multiple devices is nowadays growing, seeking for survival amidst competition in the Pay TV industry. This trend toward everyday customer's use has led to the innovation of combining OTT with linear TV services at glance.


KX Intek HD legacy STB with SK Planet RB Cloud TV Platform and ALi Corporation’s powerful system on chips can now allow the TV operators to be up to date ensuring the improvement of the new generation entertainment services to meet the needs of the market, generate more revenue from legacy HD STB adding various value added services and reduce churn rate dramatically.


Jong-sub No, CEO of KX INTEK said, “The concept of legacy HD STB has changed. Our HD Zapper STB has been upgraded, making it possible to offer an optimized visual experience and smart features interaction through the advancement of RB Cloud TV Platform. I strongly believe that it will contribute to profitability and TV service expansion of pay TV operators. It is my pleasure to announce the partnership between KX Intek, Inc, and ALi Corporation to enhance our STB performance to deliver the most optimum and reliable service.


Sean Cheng, CEO of ALi Corporation said, “ALi has led this Zapper market and a long-established reputation in Pay TV SOC design with the most cost optimized STB solution. Operators continuously seek not only the cost effective solution but also smarter ways of integration the best of OTT and broadcast contents in their existing offering. This will let us bring additional valued service to the existing operators also to enrich their expectations for a cloud based solution for legacy and entry level IP connected. We’re very pleased to collaborate with KX Intek and SKP to make a journey to develop new business opportunities in this world wide Pay TV eco system.


KX Intek at IBC

For more information, please visit the KX Intek booth in Hall 1, F71


ALi Corporation at IBC

To see KX Intek running on ALi chipsets at IBC, please visit the ALi balcony suite in Hall 1, BS19



About KX Intek 

KX INTEK, a subsidiary of KX Group, is Korea firm that offers a comprehensive family of powerful DVB-T/C/S and IP Hybrid Set-top-box featuring an unprecedented combination of stylish design and solid performance at affordable prices with proven quality. Staying in step with today's active lifestyles, KX Intek will continue to expand our cutting-edge H/W & S/W technologies, delivering a range of popular products catering to a wide variety of consumer and commercial customers.


About ALi Corporation

Founded in 1987, ALi Corporation (TWSE: 3041) is a leading System-on-Chip design company for digital multimedia. We are devoted to providing a total solution featuring security, price-performance, high integration of hardware and software, and low power consumption. We rank among the three leading vendors of payTV and retail set-top-box market and are a worldwide leader in the field of multimedia audio chipset. ALi Corp. successfully developed our own operating system; our mature process technologies enabled us to support the integration of heterogeneous architecture and the design of acceleration platform with software and hardware compatibility. Moreover, the cooperation with the mainstream Conditional Access System (CAS) venders made us capable of highly penetrating the ecosystem of payTV and retail globally, providing the value-added multimedia services for hundreds of operators with superior security protection.

In 2019, with the enterprise spirit to pursue innovation and excellence, ALi Corp. launched an intelligent computing platform “ALiIN” for wise indoor applications based on our core competences of existing IP portfolios and security technologies as well as our innovative approach of the self-developed AI neural network processing engine. We developed three turnkey solutions including the platforms of smart display, smart mobility and smart voice. ALi Corp.’s solutions optimize the original industry value chain and make contributions to intellectualizing the life of smart home, office, factory, etc., and help our partners go to the markets quickly and effectively. Our current products include the mirror dongles, pico projectors, robot vacuum cleaners (RVC) and the various home appliances with voice control, which are already certified by well-known brand customers. To embrace the coming age of 5G, Internet of things, and big data, we will incorporate a cloud-channel-device framework into our“ALiIN”platform. By developing comprehensive synergies between our products, ALi Corp. will be able to provide the one-stop integration service for the chip, front-end, algorithm and platform, initiating the great indoor living with light intelligence through our fast and friendly innovation momentum.



IBC 2023
Sep. 15-18 2023, Amsterdam RAI

IBC Invite 2023


2023 5月 04 星期四

WiFi SoC


Solution Introduction


WiFi SoC is a highly integrated SoC for IoT solution with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and BLE. It also includes Andes MCU, SDIO2.0, SPI, ...etc, and various peripheral interfaces to have high reliability and low power consumption to fulfill various consumer applications.


Competitive Advantage


  • 22nm IoT WIFI6+BLE5.1+RISC MCU combo chip for IoT
  • High Integrated, reserve More GPIO
  • Built-in power detection module
  • Wide support Voltage Design (3~5V input  Voltage), Cover more application scenarios without adding cost
  • Wide Temperature + Rigorous screening of ICs, meeting the needs of industrial-grade applications (ISO11898-2)
  • Ex-PA for high power & long range(add>4dB)




  • Generic IoT Sensor Hub
  • Generic IoT Data Loggers
  • IoT Mesh Network
  • Home Automation
  • Video Applications
  • Industrial Automation
  • Audio Applications
  • POS machines
  • Health Applications



2023 4月 13 星期四

Human Machine Interfaces


Solution Introduction


ALi provided Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution is a state of the art technology that offers interaction between human and machine. Providing various interfaces for fast communication and convenient control with multi-device connectivity. Supporting FreeRTOS/Linux ecosystems for faster development and product scalability.


Competitive Advantage


  • Provide better HMI effect as dual-core of high computing power
  • 720P HD display quality
  • Support security boot for device encryption
  • Offer complete SDK reference design and debugging tools
  • Compatible to multiple UI development tools such as AWTK, Little VGL, Mini GUI, and other popular user interface toolkits
  • Support a wide range of connectivity devices such as WIFI, BT, ZigBee, ...etc, facilitating the Internet of Things (IoT) concept
  • Support FreeRTOS/Linux ecosystems
  • Mature IC design process affords long-time and stable adaption to various environments  




  • Home appliances display
  • Industrial control
  • Electric moped Dashboard
  • SmartHome Central Control
  • Wise Medical
  • Charging Station 
  • ...etc



2023 4月 06 星期四

Commercial Service Robots

service robot v2

Solution Introduction 


The robot solution of AUTO Mobility Solutions Co., Ltd. (AMS) is enhanced with SLAM algorithms for larger workspaces, navigation engines for faster path planning, and motion control mechanisms for faster moving speeds to meet the needs of commercial scenarios such as delivery of food in restaurants or medical items in hospitals. In addition, AMS's commercial service robot solution enables the mobility of customers' existing applications through tailored RobotNeuron APIs and purpose-oriented sensor fusion mechanisms.


Competitive Advantage


  • Industrial leading algorithm of SLAM and navigation for commercial workspaces
  • Scenario customization for product demand: efficiency, safety, traverse behavior…
  • Integrate quickly and seamlessly with existing customers’ applications
  • Cost optimization by selected components and flexible sensor fusion mechanism




Convergence India 2023

Mar. 27-29 2023, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi


Alitech CI Invite


Convergence India 2022

Mar. 23-25 2022, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi


Ali tech Convergence Invite 2022 invitation


Convergence India 2021

Mar. 24-26 2021, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi


Ali tech Convergence Invite 2021 invitation

2020 8月 28 星期五

Smart Audio



Solution Introduction


Own developed proprietary Edge Voice Process Unit (EVPU) NN (Neural Network) based voice recognition, with that, various home appliances can be controlled by online/offline voice and voiceprint. The optimized voice pre-processing technology also supports noise-reduction, echo cancellation and beam forming in order to keep a good recognition rate under different complex circumstances.


Competitive Advantage


  • Dual CPU with high performance
  • Self-develop Edge Voice Process Unit (EVPU)
  • Security boot and device encryption
  • Support playback of various audio formats, LED display and control interfaces
  • Voice control multiple languages, ex: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Deutsch, etc 




  • Smart Speaker
  • Smart Appliances, ex. Fan, Air conditioner, Lighting, etc 
  • Smart Toy for Education and Entertainment
  • IoT Gateway
  • ...etc




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