WiFi SoC


Solution Introduction


WiFi SoC is a highly integrated SoC for IoT solution with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and BLE. It also includes Andes MCU, SDIO2.0, SPI, ...etc, and various peripheral interfaces to have high reliability and low power consumption to fulfill various consumer applications.


Competitive Advantage


  • 22nm IoT WIFI6+BLE5.1+RISC MCU combo chip for IoT
  • High Integrated, reserve More GPIO
  • Built-in power detection module
  • Wide support Voltage Design (3~5V input  Voltage), Cover more application scenarios without adding cost
  • Wide Temperature + Rigorous screening of ICs, meeting the needs of industrial-grade applications (ISO11898-2)
  • Ex-PA for high power & long range(add>4dB)




  • Generic IoT Sensor Hub
  • Generic IoT Data Loggers
  • IoT Mesh Network
  • Home Automation
  • Video Applications
  • Industrial Automation
  • Audio Applications
  • POS machines
  • Health Applications