Directors and Supervisors

ChairmanSophia Liang

  • Chairman of ALi Corporation

DirectorAnderson Su
Independent DirectorJustin Tsai

  • Independent Director of Mercuries Life Insurance

  • Legal Representative Director of Chang Wah Technology CO.,LTD

  • Legal Representative Director of Gold Circuit Electronics Ltd.

Independent DirectorJACK QI SHU

  • Vice President of Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corp.

Independent DirectorAllen Lee



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ALi Corporation Brings Cloud-Based VOD to the STB Marke…

07-06-2024 Hits:207 2024-媒體中心 Mavis - avatar Mavis

ALi Corporation, a leading provider of Set-Top Box (STB) chipsets, proudly announces a strategic collaboration with ACCE...

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ALi Corporation Next-Generation DVB-S2X/ DVB-C SoC F6P …

07-06-2024 Hits:262 2024-媒體中心 Mavis - avatar Mavis

ALi Corporation announced the launch of F6P, the company’s next-generation DVB-S2X/ DVB-C STB SoC to target the SAARC, A...

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KX Intek and ALi Corporation showcasing Cloud TV on leg…

07-09-2023 Hits:1698 2023-媒體中心 Mavis - avatar Mavis

Taipei, Korea – September 7th , 2023 –KX INTEK, a leading Set Top Box manufacturer with its strong focus on DV...

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