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Privacy Policy

We respect any user’s personal privacy and we endeavor to protect any user’s legitimate right of privacy. In order to provide the requested customary services, this Application shall collect, use, process and share your personal privacy information subject to this Privacy Policy. This Application shall treat your privacy information with due care diligently. We may update this Privacy Policy time by time and you agree to follow the terms and conditions under this Policy by clicking “accept” or otherwise when downloading this Application or when you continue use this Application. This Privacy Policy constitutes a part of the Application User Terms and Conditions, if existed, and it is the precedent condition for your use of this Application.


  • 1. Privacy Information
    It includes,
    • (a) The identifiable information of your electronic equipment or your software that we collected when you use this Application, including but not limited to your IP address, your languages, your logging record, the equipment hardware specification, your geographic location and others.
    • (b) Your personal privacy information that your provided and we collected through the technical method of the Application when you use this Application.


  • 2. How We Use Your Privacy Information
    • (a) We shall use your Privacy Information for following purpose,
      • Providing the Services you requested
      • Linking to the other application or website for the services you requested
      • As per your requests, checking your Privacy Information and delivering proper information to your personal mailbox, email address, cell phone or elsewhere, including but not limited to any tech notice, software update notice, security alarm and tech support information
      • Joining any other business activities under your requests
    • Subject to this Policy, this Application shall not sell, share, rent or otherwise provide your Privacy Information to a third party without your permission. If you however decide to share your Privacy Information to any third party application, third independent program or website (Collectively, “Third Party Applications”) when you using this Application, you have to take the leaking risk by your own and you acknowledge that we and this Application have no legal right to govern the Third Party Applications and we cannot control how they use, process and share your Privacy Information. We will not take responsibilities for any act or omission by the Third Party Application. We urge you to read the privacy policy of Third Party Application very carefully and use the Third Party Application from reputable platform only.
    • This Application may provide the promotional materials or marketing information to you, including delivering the promotional materials of us or our other partners to your email or other contact points.

  • 3. How We Process Your Privacy Information
    We shall only disclose your privacy information to the designated third party to the extent necessary according to your request or the applicable laws, as in following circumstances,
    • Disclose it to a designated third party with your prior consent.
    • Share it to the Third Party Applications in order to provide the products or services you requested.
    • Disclose it to government, court or any third party pursuant to the applicable laws or the orders from government or court.
    • Disclose it to the Third Party Application your linked only when you breach the applicable laws or user terms and conditions of the Third Party Application. We shall notify you any such disclosure in advance.
    • Disclose it to the designated third party who are in an intellectual property disputes with you, at your request.
    • Any other necessary disclosure according the application laws, regulation or policies. We shall notify you any such disclosure in advance.

  • 4. How We Keep your Privacy Information
    Your Privacy Information collected in our server, if any, shall be store in a secure room with proper access control. It might be transmitted to the region you located or to the other regions our server located.

  • 5. Privacy Information Security
    We shall take commercial reasonable efforts to protect your privacy information from any unauthorized access or illegal leaking (including any third party hacking, breaking or copying). But you shall acknowledge and agree that any technical protection system in a sufficient level of this current ear still might be broken or circumvented and no protection system is 100% safe all the time. You are known your Privacy Information might be unauthorized accessed once when you give it out to us or anyone. You take the risks and responsibility by your own, otherwise, you are not supposed to provide such sensitive privacy information to anyone. If you are aware of any weakness, backdoor or flaw in our protection system, you are liable to notify us immediately to fix it for your own interest and other’s.

  • 6. Your Rights to the Privacy Information You provided
    By applicable laws, you have rights (subject to certain restrictions) to the privacy information you provided. In any necessary circumstance, you may contact us to exercise the following rights,
    • Right to restrict processing. You have the right to object to certain type of processing of your privacy information. Once upon our receipt of your notification, we shall prevent any further process of your information but we will store the information in security as it was.
    • Right to be informed. You have the right be provided with clear, transparent and understandable information about how we use and process your information. This is why we are providing you with the information in this Policy.
    • Right to rectification. You are entitled to have your information corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
    • Right to removal. You are entitled to have your information stored in our side, if any, removed and destruction of relevant record.
    • Right to duplicate of information. You have right to obtain and reuse your information in our side for your own purpose. You may request us to provide a duplicate copy of your privacy information we store in our server or elsewhere, if any. This is not a general right however and there are exceptions according to applicable laws.
    • Right to withdraw consent. If you have given your consent to anything we do with your information, you have the right to withdraw you consent on our behaviors. However, you have to know that you can withdraw your consent but you cannot rescind any sharing, processing, use of your information before such withdrawal. You are also on your own responsibilities to withdraw consent with all other Third Party Application or websites which you gave your consent to them.

  • 7. Disclaimer
    You agree and acknowledge that this Application and/or the services or functionality it provided is on the basis of “AS-IS”. We and the Application creator, operator, author or the persons who run the platform allowing download of this Application do NOT provide any sort of representations or warranties, whether directly, indirectly, impliedly or expressively. Further, this Application doesn’t provide any warranties of its non-infringement, merchantability or the fit of particular purpose of function. We are NOT liable to any liability whether its legal theatrical basis is contract, tort, equity or else, and we shall be relieved if any alleged claims for any third party’s damages or losses.

  • 8. Amendment of This Policy
    • If any amendment to this Policy, we shall release public notice of such amendments in the updated Policy, in our website or in any other proper place we think fit.
    • We reserve the right to amend this Policy. You ought to check this Policy time by time for your continual use of this Application. If you don’t agree to any then-current Privacy Policy, you must stop us this Application immediately, otherwise you are deemed to agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the then-current Policy.
    • We reserve the right to provide this Application or the services thereof available to you. You understand that the Policy is the basis and precedential condition we agree to provide. You agree that the terms and conditions under this Policy are fair and reasonable and you are capable to obey them from personal perspective.

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